11 things to add to your Italian MICE Bucket List!

Convention Bureau Italia member – Meet in Action – MIA, is the first business network in the Italian meeting industry, created by professionals specialized in the design of various typologies of events. We list 11 unforgettable experiences you must include in your next MICE Itinerary in Italy, that Meet in Action will help bring to life:


1) Take a night ride on the vaporetto in Venice. Not Gondola – vaporetto. This is preferably done with a serving of gelato in hand. And be sure you can snag a spot with a view, so you can see the moonlit sights of Venice as you glide past.

2) Overdose on Renaissance art at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence – The Uffizi Gallery is on just about every must-do list for Italy, and there’s a good reason for it. Nowhere else on earth will you see such an amazing collection of Italian Renaissance art, all contained in gorgeous buildings once roamed by Medicis. The artists on display here are like the rock stars of Florence. Make sure your group takes turns guessing the famous artefacts!

3) Eat pizza in Naples – There’s nothing like eating something as universally well-known as pizza in the place where it was born, and for that you’ve got to head to Naples with your group.

4) Visit the Greek ruins in Sicily – In the biggest island of the Mediterranean sea, your group can branch out a bit by touring both Roman and Greek ruins, and the stuff the Greeks left behind is even older than the stuff from ancient Rome.

5) Tempt fate driving along the Amalfi Coast – Whether you decide to do the driving or not, the road that snakes along this stretch of Italian coastline is well worth the trip and will surely be imprinted in your memory for life.

6) Sunbathe on Sardinia – The Costa Smeralda boasts some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere on earth, let alone in Italy. Head here with your group to unwind and beat the stress.

7) See an opera in Verona – Nothing spells “Incentive” quite as much as attending the Opera in Verona. Opera fan or no, there’s nothing like sitting in a Roman amphitheatre, just as people have done for thousands of years, watching a show.

8) Go back in time at Pompeii – While the residents of Pompeii in 79 A.D. probably were none too pleased with nearby Mount Vesuvius blowing its top and covering everything in sight, what it gives your group today is a unique look at a Roman city frozen in time.

9) Sip a coffee or a chocolate in Turin – Stop with the group in one of its many historic cafes, so that you can marvel at the frescoed ceilings. To really experience the Turin coffee culture, try a Bicerin (pronounced “bicherine”). This is a drink unique to Turin made of delicious layers of hot chocolate, coffee and cream.

10) Take a trip to Apulia – heel of Italy’s boot, it is the new and most fashionable Italian luxury destination, well known for its stunning mansions and rustic-chic “masserie”, hosting the most exclusive weddings in the charming atmosphere of the countryside.

11) And last but not least, walk in Caesar’s footsteps in Rome – It’s impossible not to marvel at a structure like the Colosseum, or stand in awe on the cobblestones of the Roman Forum and think about who walked there before you.


With 9 branches in Italy, 502 meetings organized on average each year, 2510 meetings and events organized within the last 5 years, 79 full-time professionals, 12 professional events, Meet in Action, has a brilliant and unparalleled reputation, furthermore enhanced by many high profile events with Indian customers, both for a high number of participants and for smaller meetings.



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