5 reasons why you HAVE to plan your next MICE in Barcelona

From strolling on the beach to soaking in history that dates back to 2000 years, the Spanish city has plethora of incentives for your next MICE activity. We list 5 reasons Barcelona should top your MICE Bucket List!


1) Perfectly Sized

Barcelona is just the right size: not too big, not too small. Your group can nip between the most interesting sights, on bike – thanks to an extensive network of bike lanes or they can simply indulge in walking or public transport, to reach the must-see sights. In Barcelona, everything is a easily accessible.


2) It doesn’t get more ’Mediterranean’ than this

Thanks to its ideal weather, your group will witness the true meaning of the word ‘Mediterranean’ in Barcelona. Soak in its cosmopolitan and dynamic spirit in the air and live the Mediterranean experience. This magic draws your group out onto the streets, post your meetings,  to stroll and enjoy the city’s five kilometres of Mediterranean beaches.


3) Awe-inspiring History

History here dates back to over 2000 years! Your group will come across Roman ruins, Gothic treasures and surprises from the Renaissance age. Visiting the different corners of Barcelona is an authentic journey through time.


4) State-of-the-art MICE Infrastructure

Whether for large conferences or more intimate gatherings, Barcelona has the right infrastructure to host your next MICE. Imagine a banquet in a charming historic place? Or perhaps a cutting-edge facility for that unbeatable presentation? There’s such a variety of welcoming and modern hotels for your next MICE.


5) Art in every nook and cranny!

Picasso, Miró, Dalí, Gaudí, Tàpies… they were in their time at the vanguard of their movements and their testing-ground was Barcelona. The artsy flair and Catalan restlessness is very much the heart of the city and is reflected in the architecture and art that your group will find in the most unexpected places.


If you’re keen on planning your next event in Barcelona, please contact Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau:

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Barcelona Turisme Convention Bureau
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T: +34 933 689 700

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